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Testimonials to our Research Publications:

”Caribbean Insight is precisely that – insightful, and informative. Whether one has substantive experience of commerce and politics in the Caribbean region or relatively little, Caribbean Insight offers news and related analysis which is topical, relevant and prescient – the result of experience and expertise of the region garnered and developed over many years, applied with a profound understanding of the region.”   Alun Cole, Partner, Eversheds LLP 

“Caribbean Insight provides at a glance, a roundup of the macro business issues and opportunities in the Region – allowing a region focused, weekly update. I am not sure how one would gather that information effectively without it!”   Charles Whitaker, Partner, Brown & Co

With up to date information often very hard to find, Cuba Briefing – spanning economic, commercial and political events in the country – is essential reading for anyone interested in doing business in Cuba.” Stuart Culverhouse, Chief Economist, Exotix

“Cuba Briefing provides succinct and accurate information. It has been an invaluable source to me over the past two years while I have been writing a book on contemporary Cuba.” Dr George Lambie, Department for Public Policy, Faculty of Business and Law, De Montfort University, UK

“We find this to be an invaluable and timely source of information on a variety of Cuban topics, whether in terms of political and economic events, or in terms of foreign corporate and local enterprise activity taking place in various business sectors. We also find the analysis and interpretation of events as regularly provided in the briefing to be fair, always interesting and most instructive”  Subscriber from a leading international bank