Our Statement of Values


1. We do not harm the blue waters of the Caribbean– oceans, mangroves, or freshwater sources, in any operations under our control

2. We seek to bring the best solutions available to reduce our carbon footprint in the Caribbean


3. We respect the diverse cultures, religions, mindsets, laws and regulations of people in the different countries across the Caribbean

4. We support public health and other social initiatives in the Caribbean which are linked to impacts our businesses share responsibility for

5. We buy local where possible and assist in efforts to increase local production of inputs

6. We recruit and hire our talent locally where possible – with objective recruitment processes to get the best


7. The health and safety of our employees comes first. We use the best international practice available

8. We do not engage in corruption or facilitation payments to officials

9. We respect local sovereignty and democratic process

10. We pay any taxes due in the Caribbean, in full and on time