About Yokahu 

Yokahu is an Insurtech start-up that offers affordable, fast paying and simple natural disaster protection. Our aim is to use technology to close the protection gap – that portion of economic loss not covered by traditional insurance. We deliver solutions for people in the areas of the world worst affected by natural disasters, with our initial focus being hurricanes in the Caribbean. Our solutions provide access to catastrophe insurance to a previously neglected market and helps alleviate the immediate and long term economic impacts of the disaster. 

Yokahu provides a pre-agreed cash payment to its policyholders as soon as a pre-defined scenario occurs. Third party data determines whether the event has occurred and triggers our system to send the money. The payments are made by A rated insurance security at Lloyds of London and are sent within hours of the event. 

Having launched in November 2021 across 4 Caribbean territories, we are in the process of expanding to further Caribbean jurisdictions and beyond in 2022. 

To learn more about Yokahu’s product and services, visit www.yokahu.co or contact Tim McCosh, Founder at tim@yokahu.co