World Bank approves additional US$70m for vaccination rollouts in El Salvador and Honduras

Photo by Diana Polekhina

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved additional financing of US$50m for El Salvador and of US$20m for Honduras under the auspices of their respective COVID-19 Emergency Response Projects. The funding for El Salvador is intended to help the country boost vaccine procurement and continue to progress key vaccination activities, such as the purchase of medical supplies, procurement of personal protective equipment and reinforcement of cold chains. The World Bank loan is also to support communication, human resources and information systems. The US$50m loan expands the previously granted US$20m credit line, approved by the World Bank in April 2020 to strengthen the national public health system.

As for Honduras, the new US$20m loan expands a previously granted US$20m financial facility to support activities such as the procurement of supplies, contracting and training of human resources, upgrading vaccination monitoring and evaluation systems and communication efforts, according to the World Bank.

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