Safely Reopening UK – Caribbean Travel: A Region Prepared

Friday, 21st May 2021

Various jurisdictions in the Caribbean now boast some of the highest per capita vaccination rates in the world and has been extremely effective in limited the spread of COVID across the pandemic.  

This success combined with the adoption of best-in-class health and safety protocols means that the Caribbean is now prepared and excited to receive tourists as the summer season approaches.  

We were delighted to host an update with some of the leading figures involved in the Caribbean tourism and health sector, to present how the Caribbean is now prepared for a safe re-opening of UK-Caribbean travel and how this can combine successfully with the UK’s cautious phased approach to reopening international travel.  

Our speakers included:  

  • Nicola Madden-Greig, 1st VP and Chairperson, Government Affairs, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association
  • Juha Jarvinen, Chief Commercial Officer, Virgin Atlantic
  • Dr Joy St John, Executive Director, Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)
  • Carol Hay, Caribbean Tourism Expert, McKenzie Gayle Ltd