Roundtable event with Guyana High Commissioner HE DR Rajendra Singh

The Caribbean Council was pleased to hold a members-only roundtable event with Guyana High Commissioner HE DR Rajendra Singh, on Wednesday, 3rd July in London.

Discussions presented Guyana’s wealth of opportunities for UK organisations, investors and firms with important Government-led programmes of infrastructure and public services upgrades to improve roads, bridges, ports, hospitals, schools and energy provision.

The event highlighted the extremely positive economic climate in Guyana, making the country an attractive proposition for UK investors across a wide range of sectors including onshore services, energy sector, petrochemical production, transportation, mining, agriculture, technology, and export.
With a small population, many of whom live overseas, Guyana currently has a skills shortage and needs international expertise and support to fulfil its economic potential and to harness the current growth in the economy to benefit its people.