Honduras officially recognises China

24 March 2023

Honduras have announced that they will recognise only one China, breaking diplomatic ties with Taiwan that have existed for 82 years. In return, finance and expert assistance will be provided in the construction and operation of dams in Honduras. Diplomatic relations will begin between the two countries before the end of 2023. According to the Honduran government they see China as an “important ally” going forward. China’s Foreign affairs ministry described the move as bringing “more opportunities” to Honduras. Taiwan has warned Honduras, similar to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay, that any promises they received from China may not turn out as originally planned. Taiwan is now recognised by 13 countries worldwide. Honduras becomes the ninth country and fifth in Latin America to cut ties with Taiwan since 2016. Honduran foreign minister Enrique Reina stated that China offered more economic aid after not receiving a reply in respect to a renegotiation of a US$600mn debt with Taiwan.

Photo by Ling Tang

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