Guyana and Suriname: The next 5 years

On 4 June, The Caribbean Council, in partnership with Stoneturn, was pleased to host the webinar ‘Guyana and Suriname: The Next Five Years’.

Following unprecedented excitement surrounding new oil discoveries in Guyana and Suriname, the recent elections in both countries will bring in governments that will be faced with new challenges. Economic uncertainty prevails given the decline in the price of oil due to COVID-19, and the continuing appetite of oil and gas companies to develop their reserves. Furthermore, the full health and economic implications of the COVID-19 crisis remain unclear. These issues are exacerbated by strategic governance and infrastructure issues that may also impact investors with interests Suriname and Guyana.

During the webinar, these issues were examined by our expert panel who outlined key policy and economic expectations, while outlining new areas of business opportunity.

Missed our webinar? Full recording now available, please contact to learn more.