Specialist Procurement Agents & exporters who operate worldwide. The services we offer are procurement, supply to the public and private sectors, refurbishment of product, contractual work, consultancy, consolidation and shipping.


Electricity Utilities, Water Authorities, Public Works / Construction, Air & Sea Ports, Agriculture, Slaughtering & Food Processing, Emergency (Fire, Police & Ambulance), Hospital & Mortuary, Solid Waste, Prisons, Warehousing & Material handling, Hospitality, Breweries

Experienced with international tender procedures and have been successful with Caribbean Development Bank, DFID & UN Procurement Tenders. The company is ISO registered to ISO 9001:2015

AEO certification (Authorised Economic Operator)

Agents for:-

DANDO Drilling Rigs and Equipment – Drilling Rig Manufacturer | Dando Drilling International

Sealey Products – Sealey – Leading Professional Tool & Workshop Equipment Supplier

Members of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Members of the Caribbean Council.


Hamish McCallum – Owner / Director

E-mail:-  hamish@gdmlindex.co.uk

 UK Office +44 (0) 1636 610030    sales@gdmlindex.co.uk

USA Office +1 (954) 507 6101     usasales@gdmlindex.com     Ivonne Colorado

 Local St Kitts Representation      hugh20101@hotmail.com     Terence Jeffers

Local Grenada Representation   gibbs@spiceisle.com               Delano Gibbs