Costa Rica best in Central America for Investors – KPMG Survey

30th June 2023

Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica are the three top destinations for investors in Latin America according to a KPMG survey. According to an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) analysis, Costa Rica has the potential to increase exports to the US by US$1.5bn per year. 17% of respondents thought Costa Rica was very attractive with 37% stating it was attractive. The KPMG survey, part of its Dataseries, was conducted between March and April 2023. Panama was the next highest in Central America with a positive return of 43%. Followed by Honduras with 41%. The Honduran Central Bank recently announced it had received no new FDI in Q12023 and internation al investment had fallen by almost 40% year-on-year. El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua only beat Venezuela and Bolivia in the survey.

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Photo by César Badilla Miranda