Winter 20/21 – Part One – Regional Air Cargo

Aviation expert and advisor, Richard Nanton, writes: As a panellist last week, at the Caribbean Council’s Economic Recovery Conference Post-Covid, I was asked about the importance of air freight to the Caribbean region. The use of air freight is essential for the Caribbean, given its geographical position. Air Freight has traditionally entered countries on commercial […]

Quote in FoodNavigator-LATAM: ‘Food is high on the government’s priority list’

On 10 April, Managing Director of the Caribbean Council Chris Bennett, was quoted in an article published by FoodNavigator-LATAM, on the business and investment environment in Cuba. “There are opportunities in Cuba and the opportunities in Cuba and the opportunity is potentially very significant because there are very limited number of foreign companies and no […]

US toughens embargo on Cuba as EU trade talks sour

White House National Security Advisor, John Bolton, this afternoon will enact Title III and Title IV of Helms Burton unleashing a flood of claims by Cuban Americans in the South Florida Courts against Cuban and international companies who own or “traffic” in assets in Cuba. Whilst most of these claims will have little chance of […]

Quote in Bloomberg: Oil Majors’ Help Sought in Century-Old Venezuelan Border Dispute

On 22 March 2018, The Caribbean Council was quoted in an article available exclusively to users of the Bloomberg Terminal, analysing the risks posed by Venezuela’s territorial and maritime claims to Guyana’s emerging oil industry. Partnering with oil majors would give Guyana financial backing in its legal case and a relationship with foreign governments that […]

Webinar on Cuba’s Outlook for 2018

On 27 February 2018, Caribbean Council consultant David Jessop joined Moody’s VP and Senior Credit Officer Jaime Reusche and Marla Dukharan’s Communications Director to discuss Cuba’s recent economic performance, its economic vulnerabilities in 2018 including fiscal and external risks from Venezuela and changes in US policy, and the outlook for the transition of power. Please […]

Interview on Forbes: What Should Investors Know About Guyana’s Oil Industry?

Guyana is not usually mentioned as one of the top targets for investment in Latin America. The country, which has a population of around 800,000 and a landmass roughly equivalent in size to Kansas, sits sandwiched between Suriname and Venezuela. A former British colony that is the only officially English-speaking country in South America, Guyana […]

Special Report: Hurricane Irma wreaks destruction across much of Cuba

The Caribbean Council is supporting the territories affected by Hurricane Irma. Working with its membership, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Caribbean High Commissions, and the offices of the Overseas Territories, it is distributing information about the many practical ways that it is possible to help the relief efforts now being coordinated. For more information, […]

New Opportunities To Address Energy Security In The Caribbean

It is not a new observation that the Caribbean’s heavy dependence on imported fossil fuels contributes to the region’s high cost of doing business, increases its vulnerability to external sector shocks, and constrains economic growth and competitiveness across most Caribbean economies. Nonetheless, the increasing cost-competitiveness of a host of renewable energy technologies with fossil fuels […]

Navigating the Trump Presidency in the Caribbean and Central America

How will the new US Administration under President Elect Donald Trump relate to the Caribbean and Central America? No-one really knows at present, and with many of the fundamental tenets of post-Cold war US foreign policy currently being re-opened for discussion it seems likely that the Caribbean and Central America will hardly be a focus […]

The UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund

During a visit by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to Jamaica and Grenada at the end of September 2015, he announced a major new package of British investment for the Caribbean region totalling £360 million in new financial commitments as a demonstration that the UK is “serious about the need to strengthen the bonds […]

Russia and the Caribbean

Over the last five years Russian interest in the Caribbean has been growing steadily; so that today Moscow’s diplomatic profile and its economic presence in a number of Caribbean nations is now stronger than at any time since the end of the Cold War. It has also made clear that it again intends having a […]

Caribbean citizenship by investment schemes

A number of Caribbean countries offer citizenship for investment schemes whereby passports are provided for an investment in real estate or a donation with little or no requirement to reside in the country. St Kitts has the oldest scheme dating from 1984; Antigua, Dominica and Grenada also offer them; and other Caribbean islands have been […]

UK Policy and the Caribbean

Since 2010 many Caribbean nations have fallen further into debt, many are in IMF programmes, and almost all are heavily dependent on costly imports of energy and food. The consequence has been low rates of growth (there are some exceptions), a failure to complete the Caribbean Single Market and Economy, a significant decline in governments’ […]

Responding to changing policy towards Cuba

On November 8 2013, President Obama told a group of Cuban American activists that there is a need for Washington to reconsider US policy towards Cuba. Speaking at a small fundraising event at the home of Jorge Mas Santos, Chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF), the US President said that it may be […]

Guyana and Suriname: Opportunities for increasing UK investment and trade

In July 2013, the Caribbean Council undertook a scoping study of UK business opportunities in Guyana and Suriname on behalf of the British High Commission in Guyana. The scoping study was funded by the FCO Commercial Diplomacy Fund and seeks to raise awareness amongst British companies about the opportunities which exist and provide them with […]

The changing potential of the Caribbean

The perceptual map of the Caribbean that most share has changed very little since the days of the cold war. This framework, which neatly divides the region by language and history, and conditions most policy and commercial responses, may now be of limited utility and may require revision. Other than Trinidad, the countries offering the […]

China and the Caribbean

Background paper for the Advisory Committee of the Caribbean Council on China’s developing involvement in the Caribbean.  China has made clear it wants to continue to deepen its relationship with the Caribbean. There is willingness on the part of most governments to harness its positive intent towards the region. What is still missing is any […]

Scoping study for UK business opportunities in Guatemala and El Salvador

In March 2012, the Caribbean Council undertook a scoping study of UK business opportunities in Guatemala and El Salvador on behalf of the British Embassy in Guatemala. The scoping study was funded by the FCO Commercial Diplomacy Fund and seeks to raise awareness among British companies about the opportunities which exist and provide them with […]

Estudio de las oportunidades para el comercio británico en Guatemala y El Salvador

En Marzo de 2012, el Consejo del Caribe efectuó un estudio de las oportunidades comerciales para el Reino Unido en Guatemala y El Salvador por encargo de la Embajada Británica en Guatemala. El estudio fue financiado por el Fondo de la Diplomacia Comercial del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Reino Unido y pretende concientizar a […]