Bukele Confirmed President with Super Majority in Congress

23rd February 2024

El Salvador’s Tribunal Supremo Electoral has confirmed Nayib Bukele as President for the next five years. Félix Ulloa will return as Vice President. Bukele received over 84% of the valid votes cast with over 2.7 million. Manuel Flores of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) was second with 6.4% of votes. Bukele will have considerable power as his Nuevas Ideas party also garnered 54 of a possible 60 National Assembly seats. Various electoral observers including the Organisation of American States have expressed concerns about delays and “a lack of uniformity” in the final count. Four political parties have presented legal action to nullify the results. The country will return to the polls on 3rd March to vote in mayoral and Parlacen elections.

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Photo:  Latin America News Agency/REUTERS