Biden Administration releases positive update on Central America investment plan

Photo by Joshua Sukoff

22 April 2022

On Tuesday, April 19, the White House released a fact sheet and progress report to update the public on its Root Causes Strategy that was launched in July 2021 to “align US Government efforts to address the economic, governance, and security drivers of irregular migration from Central America,” namely by facilitating investment into the region. According to the White House, the Strategy has made “significant progress toward creating hope for people in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras that a better life can be found at home.” Achievements it cites include $1.2bn worth of “commitments” from the private sector, $100mn in financing for MSMEs via “US initiatives,” “US Government support [that] helped create more than 70,000 jobs,” a $40mn “Young Women’s Empowerment Initiative” led by USAID, and “collaboration” on developments with other countries including the EU, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and Israel. Noting “these are long-term efforts,” the fact sheet and progress report strike an optimistic tone about what has been accomplished already and what is in the pipeline for the future.

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