Another Successful Business & Investment Seminar – This Year With Tobago

On Thursday, 2nd of May, The Caribbean Council was pleased to host a Business & Investment Seminar featuring the island of Tobago with Chief Secretary of Tobago’s House of Assembly, Hon. Farley Augustine. 

The event focused on the extensive investment opportunities in Tobago. 

Notable highlights included: 

  • Attractive Incentives for Investors – UK and foreign investors permitted to benefit from up to 10 years tax-free concessions.
  • Robust Infrastructure – Developed road networks, efficient telecoms and fiber optics.
  • The Tourism sector is ripe for growth and development.

Tobago is actively seeking investments and partnerships in the following areas: 

  • Boutique Hotel, Resort Development & Niche Tourism Sector 
  • Digital & IT Solutions 
  • Energy & Renewables Sector 
  • Climate Protection – Solar Panels, Recycling & Bio-degradable Material Production
  • Medical & Healthcare 
  • Tertiary Education 
  • Orange Economy – Music, Animation, Film Production & Web Development
  • Software Development 
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure Development 
  • Port Development 
  • Construction Sector 

Latest News – Tobago will be launching a new E-tendering platform. 

Tobago invites forward-thinking investors and businesses to join its transformational journey.

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We thank all our guests for attending and hope you found it a productive networking event.  

Learn more about Investing in Tobago

Tobago, part of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, boasts a vibrant cultural mix and is home to some of the region’s finest beaches. 

Largely untouched, Tobago offers many opportunities for investors to develop new projects – whether in the tourism space where there is demand for new hotel room capacity and new tourism attractions. In agriculture, there is an appetite for the development of new farms, agro-processing or agrotech, to improve overall production; or other areas, such as digitisation, green technology or creative industries.

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