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Caribbean Insight is a fortnightly publication that provides subscribers with regular news that is not influenced by any political persuasion. It provides in depth information on current economic, political and commercial developments in the Caribbean; news on events in Europe and the US that affect the region; and weekly coverage of developments in Cuba. As an editorially independent publication, Caribbean Insight is written with the aim of separating fact from comment and as a result, business people, academics, and those with a general interest in the Caribbean find it an invaluable tool for developing and maintaining knowledge and providing an insight into political, economic and commercial events in the region.

Caribbean Insight: The facts

  • 45 issues published per annum
  • Delivered electronically in PDF format
  • Easy to store enabling subscribers to build up a digital archive for future reference
  • Money back guarantee: The Caribbean Council will refund the remaining part of an annual subscription to anyone who wishes to cancel it
  • Save hours of searching for regular, reliable information for less than $10 US / £5.00 / €7 per week

What subscribers say…

Caribbean Insight provides at a glance, a roundup of the macro business issues and opportunities in the Region – allowing a region focused 5 minute, weekly update. I am not sure how one would gather that information effectively without it!” Charles Whitaker, Partner, Brown & Co

Caribbean Insight is precisely that – insightful, and informative. Whether one has substantive experience of commerce and politics in the Caribbean region or relatively little, Caribbean Insight offers news and related analysis which is topical, relevant and prescient – the result of experience and expertise of the region garnered and developed over many years, applied with a profound understanding of the region.” Alun Cole, Partner, Eversheds LLP

Caribbean Insight provides an informative, yet concise overview of the principal events in the region. We find it invaluable in keeping us up to date with current affairs and political insights” Ruth Euling, Area Sales Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, De La Rue Currency

Every week I am informed on what is happening in the region, through Caribbean Insight, this is my best and most frequent source of information.” Fernando Gonzalez, Dominican Republic

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