Responsible European Investor Award Now Open For Entries 

Celebrating responsible business investment into the Caribbean 

The Caribbean Council’s Responsible European Investor Award is now open for entries.  

As the leading business organisation focused on the Caribbean in Europe, the Caribbean Council is delighted to announce the launch of a new annual business award to recognise successful investment projects which have been undertaken by European investors in the Caribbean region and which demonstrate principles of responsible investment.  

There are huge opportunities across the Caribbean from the digital economy, to hi-tech agribusiness; from renewable energy, to infrastructure, travel and tourism.  

This award will celebrate investments into the Caribbean over the past 2 years which demonstrate the biggest impact in terms of any or all of the following: 1) environmental benefits 2) contribution to society (eg via local employment), and 3) country productivity, as well as economic return.   In the assessment, positive impacts will be given greater weight than the total investment figure.  

Are you an organisation with a great impact investment story to tell that demonstrates environmental and society benefits alongside a successful investment into the region? 

This is an opportunity to be judged by a panel of judges including senior international and regional experts in business with decades of experience and knowledge of working, advising and investing across the Caribbean. 

The prestigious award will be announced at the Reform Club, London at the Caribbean Council Diplomatic Christmas Reception on 8th December.    


– Showcase your success and expertise to senior Caribbean and UK business leaders, Government representatives and members of the Caribbean community in the UK  

– Receive endorsement from the Caribbean Council, a respected international business organisation which promotes trade and investment internationally for the whole Caribbean 

– Prominent promotion of your success with related material posted weekly on all of the Caribbean Council’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) for a month after the winning announcement.  

– Opportunity to provide featured content in the Council’s three business publications  

– Branded award winner graphic provided to you for your own distribution on social media  

– Complimentary  membership of the Caribbean Council  


The following organisations can enter or be nominated:  

– The investment must be in the Caribbean (CARIFORUM and non-independent Caribbean) 

– The organisation must be based in UK, EU or EEA 

– Applicants may be the project developer, the investor, or financier  

– Project size must be over US$15m 

– The project must already be active and working with first capital deployed 

– Projects must be fully compliant with all relevant national and international legal compliance requirements 

– Any industry or sector  

– There is no fee to enter 


  • Environmental benefits resulting from the project/investment 
  • Society benefits (eg increased employment/training / tax contribution etc)  
  • Productivity benefits (eg. where investment has improved productivity in some way) 
  • Evidence of project becoming profitable and offering a return on investment 


Entry deadline – Friday 1st December 2022  

Judging – 5th to 7th December 2022

Winner announced – 8th December 2022  


Simply click ENTRY FORM 2022 to download the relevant form, complete and email the form and supporting documents to:  

Maria Tereza Laino at  


For any questions or further information:  


The responsibility for advising The Caribbean Council of any confidentiality restraints shall lie with the company submitting the entry. All judges are under a strict NDA not to disclose anything.  


Your personal data that The Caribbean Council collects will be processed by The Caribbean Council. It will be kept confidential and secure once received. The Caribbean Council does not sell or rent personal information to other organisations. The Caribbean Council may use the personal data to provide you with information, products and services on The Caribbean Council.