Become a Member

Our membership packages can be purchased for one, two or all three organisations; Caribbean Britain Business Council, Central American Business Council and Cuba Initiative, and are priced accordingly.

Membership of each organisation is offered at different levels; Major Investor Group; Premier, Corporate and SME. Members select a level of membership in accordance with the size of their company and its level of current investment in the region.

Membership Fees

Membership fees for The Caribbean Council are as follows:

  • Major Investor Group: Information available on request
  • Virtual Membership: £20 per month
  • Premier Membership: Up to £3,650 per annum
  • Corporate Membership: Up to £1,350 per annum
  • SME Membership: Up to £600 per annum. Follow instructions below to sign up.

To discuss your prospective membership in greater detail, or if you are a current member and would like to renew, please contact Maria Tereza Laino.

We encourage SME Members to sign up or renew online. To sign up, please click the corresponding link below and follow the on screen instructions.

For more detail on the benefits of membership across the different levels available, please see the summary table below.

Membership Benefits