Market Entry in Cuba – Prospects for Growth in the Cuban Economy

Event: Market Entry in Cuba – Prospects for Growth in the Cuban Economy

Date: Tuesday 22 March, 2016

Time: 16:00-17:30

Venue: Holland House -1-4 Bury St, London EC3A 5AW.

The Cuba Initiative organised a business seminar on Prospects for Growth in the Cuban Economy with our special guest, Ricardo Torres, a Cuban economist from the University of Havana, on Tuesday 22 March at 16.00.

As you may know, much has happened since Cuba and the US announced they normalised relations in December 2014: the US and Cuba have opened their Embassies; the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has announced further amendments of the Cuban Assets Control Regulation; a bilateral agreement to allow direct US-Cuba flights was signed in February 2016 and flights may begin later this year; it is expected that Cuba may reach an agreement this year with US cruise lines; and President Obama visited Cuba on March 21, to name but a few.

Coinciding with President Obama’s visit to Cuba, the Cuba Initiative organised this meeting to give to the attendees the opportunity to be briefed by Ricardo Torres, who gave us the most up to date information on the recent political and economic policy developments relating Cuba’s business environment as well as give his thoughts about the upcoming Communist Party Congress, that will take place in April which will set the future guidelines for the Party, the government and the country.

The meeting was chaired by the President of the Cuba Initiative, Lord Hutton who also provided an update on the Cuba Initiative’s recent activities and was also joined by the Editor of Cuba Briefing and Consultant to the Caribbean Council, David Jessop.

Our expert speaker provided attendees with a unique insight into how recent developments are really affecting Cuba’s business environment and the opportunity for foreign investors and businesses.

This event was kindly sponsored by Leni Gas – Cuba 






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