Interview on Forbes: What Should Investors Know About Guyana’s Oil Industry?

Forbes Magazine- 30 March 2017

Guyana is not usually mentioned as one of the top targets for investment in Latin America. The country, which has a population of around 800,000 and a landmass roughly equivalent in size to Kansas, sits sandwiched between Suriname and Venezuela. A former British colony that is the only officially English-speaking country in South America, Guyana has never been particularly well integrated with its Spanish-speaking and lusophone neighbors. Most people in the country speak Guyanese creole rather than Spanish or Portuguese. Overall, Guyana’s GDP (which is worth just over $3 billion) is less than 1% of the economic output of regional heavyweights such as Colombia and Venezuela. In 2017, however, after a major off-shore discovery, Guyana’s oil industry is attracting new attention from foreign investors. Some analysts believe that Guyana could soon become one of the region’s top oil producers.

To get a sense of what’s happening in Guyana, I reached out to Daniel Gray, the Associate Director of The Caribbean Council, a London-based consultancy.

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