International travel progressively resuming across the region, major airlines announce flights

While concerns over the spread of COVID-19 in Central America continue, travel has progressively resumedover the summer and will continue to over the coming months. Foreign travellers are now authorised to take commercial flights to Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica, while Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador are expected to relax restrictions on international commercial flights through the months of September and October. International travel is resuming with COVID-19 protocols in place: Nicaragua requires landing permits and a pre-registration process is required for travel to Honduras. Bothcountries and Costa Rica require a negative COVID-19 test taken two to three days prior to travel. Major airlines have announced that they are servicing destinations in the region: Avianca stating thatit is resuming international flights from El Salvador in September, American Airlines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, among others, have announced that they are resuming flights to the region in September and October.

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