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24 March 2023 Honduras have announced that they will recognise only one China, breaking diplomatic ties with Taiwan that have existed for 82 years. In return, finance and expert assistance will be provided in the construction and operation of dams…

10th March 2023 Nicaragua has formally joined the EL Salvador-Panama Integrated Stock Market and will now have access to a US$54bn market. The overall plan is for a regional stock market but will require legislative fine tuning in Costa Rica,…

24th February 2023 Burkhan World Investment has announced an alliance with Costa Rican real estate company Stone Alliance worth up to US$1bn. A range of projects will be considered with Burkhan World Investment beginning with sustainable investments in Marina Tambor…

10th February 2023 Panama President Laurentino Cortizo has authorised the establishment of two new tax free economic zones. The Tech Valley Free Zone and Panama Digital Gateway will be able to house up to 740 companies. Hyundai has already been…

27 January 2023 The World Bank has warned that the Northern Triangle of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras face economic difficulties. According to analysts, El Salvador and Honduras faced 2022 with negative growth rates of 8-9%, with Guatemala's around 2%.…

13th January 2023 According to official sources from each country, the total amount of violent deaths in 2022 fell 7.15% from 10,487 in 2021 to 9,737. El Salvador, which has embarked on a social crackdown that has seen over 2%…

9th December 2022 A regional study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) suggested that El Salvador spend up to US$8.5bn in mobility by 2035. Of this, US$3bn would go towards the country’s road system. This would include the expansion…

25th November 2022 El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama have agreed to an integration of their security markets. The Superintendency of the Financial System of El Salvador (SSF), Superintendency of Banks of Nicaragua (Siboif) and the Superintendency of the Panama Stock…

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