Be part of the debate and discussion on important issues for the Caribbean region, expand your knowledge and ask questions

Over the last 30 years, the Caribbean has become ever more reliant on international tourism as the engine of its island economies and by 2018, it was judged to be the most tourism dependent region in the world with some nations earning over 40% of their GDP from the sector. This dependence on tourism has left many countries hugely vulnerable to the huge external economic shocks which the industry periodically suffers; whether after the financial crisis of 2008, the Zika outbreak in 2012, or the COVID pandemic today.

Countries in the region are looking closely post COVID at how they can build future economic and food resilience by building up a broader more diversified economic base, which has the regional market at its heart.

Protecting and increasing intra-regional trade has long been recognised as the answer to supporting a broader mix of productive capacity both because it provides a ready domestic market for regional producers; and provides the volume and scale of capacity for producers to be able to operate efficiently. What are the blocks to regional trade and how can they be removed?  Imports of food products have increased year on year into the region. How can this trend be reversed?

This conference will discuss:

  • The critical process of updating and implementing CSME and the current Review
  • How regional trade rules and rules governing regional transport systems can be updated or enforced differently to boost economic diversification and resilience.
  • How leading regional companies are seeking to respond to the challenge – and what policy changes they would like to see to boost regional self-sufficiency
  • The transformative opportunities and economic growth offered by digital services for the region across multiple areas including reduced transaction costs, reduced overheads, greater convenience, and the ability to collaborate and progress decision-making more swiftly.
  • How Shipping and Aviation in the region can be transformed and the benefits this would bring
  • Food production, agricultural commodities and the potential of intra-regional tourism.

Reasons to attend:

  • To be part of the debate and discussion on important issues for the region, expand your knowledge and ask questions.
  • Network with a large number of regional and international business and policy makers interested in the future economic resilience and prosperity of the Caribbean.
  • Opportunity to make contact with companies manning their virtual exhibitor booths who work in the region
  • Access to videos of every session after the event

A virtual complimentary delegate pass will include:

  • Keynote speakers and panel sessions
  • An opportunity to ask speakers, delegates and sponsors questions and network via virtual chat
  • The Caribbean Council Excellence in International Business Award 2020 presentation
  • On-demand presentations after the conference to refresh or catch up on what was missed so you do not have to devote the whole time at your desk.

The full programme will be announced soon

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Programme outline

Keynote Speakers invited include:

  • Hon Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Hon Bruce Golding, Former Prime Minister of Jamaica and Author of the Golding Review  “Regional Integration and CSME – Path to growth post-COVID”

Panel Sessions will cover: 

A. Agriculture and Food Supply  - Supporting and protecting a vibrant internal market

  • How can regional agricultural production be sustained and protected
  • How can food imports be substituted
  • What do regional food manufacturers need for their regional markets

B. Shipping – Improving regional shipping links and reducing costs of supply chains

  • How can costs in the regional supply chain be reduced
  • What do shipping companies need to see to invest in new shipping routes
  • How can regional supermarkets improve regional supply chains

C. Aviation and Regional Tourism Travel – Improving regional aviation connectivity and reducing costs

  • What is preventing further air liberalisation
  • How can greater intra-regional travel be encouraged
  • What do new innovations in the aviation sector mean for the Caribbean

D. Digital Services – Harnessing digital to enable regional financial and service sector scale up

  • How can digital services reduce transaction costs for business
  • What are the opportunities to use digital services to facilitate payments without US dollar use.
  • How are companies adopting digital services to improve processes and decision-making

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