Cuban Visit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation to the UK

On 24 October 2019, the Cuba Initiative was pleased to host an enlightening discussion on entrepreneurship in Cuba, in collaboration with the Cuban Embassy in the UK and our member and valued partner Bird&Bird.

During the event, members of the Cuba Initiative heard from Liber Puente, co-founder of the IT star-up TostoneT; Marta Deus, founder of Deus Contable and Mandao Express; Dr Betsy Anaya, Head of the Research Centre on Cuban Economy at the University of Havana; and Ileana Carreno, Projects and Prosperity Officer at the British Embassy in Havana.

The speakers presented a vibrant, creative and growing entrepreneurial landscape in Cuba. Members of the Cuba Initiative had the opportunity to discuss with them recent economic developments in Cuba and the opportunities they present for local and international businesses.

The event was hosted at the offices of Bird&Bird.