Cuba Energy & Infrastructure Summit

Date: 1 & 2, September 2016

Venue:  Meliá Cohiba Hotel, Havana, Cuba

On Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of September, the 1st Cuba Energy and Infrastructure Finance Summit organised by New Energy Events took place in Havana, Cuba.

About the Summit:

Substantial foreign investment is needed over the course of the next decade to revitalize, diversify, and strengthen Cuba’s energy sector.

Investment in renewables is a cornerstone of the Government’s strategy – better known as Cuba’s “energy revolution” – and an ambitious target of 24% from renewable sources by 2030 is the stated objective. Energy from traditional sources, including gas, and updating the Cuban grid will also require substantial long-term investment.

As relations with the U.S. improve, there is an understandable level of excitement around prospects to invest in the next generation of Cuban infrastructure. Although we advise that the excitement should be tempered with a healthy dose of realism, the opportunity is real. Canadian, Spanish, and UK companies have paved the wave and are already in the market with long-standing investments and evidence that the regulatory framework can bear the weight of substantial inflows of capital.

Opportunities are now coming online in the immediate term in real estate, tourism, transportation, ports and – the focus of this event – the energy sector. The development of renewables is a priority item for the Cuban Government and aggressive targets have been established. Biomass is a cornerstone of the policy, but there are also significant opportunities for investment in wind and solar. Elsewhere, we can expect substantial investment in gas infrastructure in the medium-term, and in vital upgrades and improvements to the grid.


The Cuban Government managed the invitation list for this event which included 30 VIP officials drawn from governments and key industries. Those officials formed the cornerstone of the event.

Other participants included:

  • CEOs/CFOs of large regional and international companies/potential investors in Cuban infrastructure projects
  • Senior representatives from international governments active in Cuba e.g. Spain, Canada, UK
  • Regional & international commercial & investment banks
  • Regional & international multilateral and bilateral development banks
  • Leading consultancy and law firms
  • Providers of infrastructure engineering and technology capabilities


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