Consultant – French Guiana

The Caribbean Council is seeking to recruit an external consultant to write monthly reports in English on French Guiana which focus on political, economic and business news as well as specific topics that require extensive research and in-depth analysis. The candidate should be familiar with the French political system and ideally that of French Guiana. The consultant will need to use a range of online sources and to monitor news relating to French Guiana, in France, and more generally the Départements d’outre mer (DOMs). They will also need to call or meet with relevant members of the public and private sector in France and French Guiana to substantiate or add to their online research for the more in-depth analysis sections of the reports. They should therefore be fluent in French and also able to write fluently in English.

Person Specification

  • A degree level background in international affairs, politics, economics or similar
  • Fluency in French and English and the ability to write fluently in English.
  • The candidate may be an academic, a journalist, a consultant or have worked in business or an international agency.
  • The ability to understand the complex relationship between France and French Guiana and monitor closely any developments or changes in policy and administrative arrangements
  • Be able to take the initiative and be confident in suggesting the content and direction of the reports
  • Be willing to contact relevant people at all levels to gather information that goes beyond what is publicly available and be able to understand the nuance of what is being said or written
  • The ability to analyse critically information, ensuring that any political nuances or agendas are correctly reflected.
  • Discretion and confidentiality


Once a candidate has been selected, he or she will be required to write monthly reports as outlined above. There will be a review following the completion of three reports to assess the progress of the reports and provided that both the consultant and the Caribbean Council are satisfied, the consultant will then be required to write monthly reports on an on-going basis to agreed deadlines.


€700 per report

How to apply

Applicants should submit a CV with a covering letter and one essay in English to a maximum of 800 words on French Guiana as detailed below by 5.30pm on 16 April 2014 to:

Catherine Hickey

The Caribbean Council

Temple Chambers

3-7 Temple Avenue




Applications should be written in English and must be received either by email or in the post.


Short Essay

Please choose one of the following questions and answer in no more than eight hundred words.

1)      What are the greatest challenges to economic growth in French Guiana?

2)      Provide an overview of the current political situation in French Guiana and what the situation might be following the next elections.

3)      What are the implications of French Guiana’s change in status from Departement d’outre mer to collectivité unique?