Consultancy & Advisory Services

Our Expertise

The Caribbean Council is recognised as a leading source of consultancy and advisory services covering the whole Caribbean, the Guianas and Central America- from Guatemala to Panama.

With decades of experience in supporting investment and engagement across the region, our world-leading expertise helps clients to succeed in understanding local markets- their drivers, the competitive landscape, the opportunities as well as the challenges, risks and potential pitfalls.

We also sit at the centre of an unrivalled network of trusted consultants and associates working across key areas of industry and government in every country and territory across the region, and have affiliates in Brussels, Geneva, Miami and Washington DC.

Our Consultancy Services

Combining our regional network and world-leading expertise, we have supported effective decision making at SMEs, FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies from sectors including consumer goods, telecommunications, finance, legal services, energy, mining, shipping and tourism through a range of consultancy services. Areas of support include:

  • Investigative Due Diligence and Anti-Corruption Compliance
  • Political and Security Risk Analysis & Monitoring
  • Business Intelligence
  • Economic, Trade & Regulatory Policy Analysis
  • Field Market Research, including consumer, merchant and market size surveys
  • Market Entry Research and Strategy, including identification of local partners, and logistics assessments
  • Biographical Profiles, including stakeholder relationship mapping
  • Identification of tenders and business opportunities

Our Business Advisory Services

The Caribbean Council also has vast experience of delivering a range of business advisory services, providing companies, trade associations, governments, regional organisations and multilateral development agencies with the support they need to operate successfully in the region and to promote the region’s private sector interests internationally. Areas of support include:

  • Representation and Advocacy
  • High-level introductions and stakeholder engagement programmes
  • Trade Missions
  • Consortium Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Support in securing funding streams and consortium development
  • Civil Society Engagement and Public Relations Programmes

*Advisory Services are offered through individual Consultancy engagements, or as part of membership

Our Services over the Investment Cycle

The Caribbean Council is able to support companies right the way through the investment cycle, or in individual stages of the investment process, depending on their needs:


Enabling your Business to Navigate the Caribbean

The Caribbean and Central America is a vibrant and growing region, presenting opportunities for investors across many sectors, from established industries such as tourism & financial services, to energy & extractives, FMCG, agriculture and resilient infrastructure.

It is also complex and richly diverse, with a highly varied and multi-layered political and business environment, which can make it uniquely challenging to companies seeking to invest for the first time, or expand and maintain current operations. Reliable, accurate information is also often scarce to come by, which can slow or frustrate investment decisions which stand to bring real benefits, both to investors, and the economies of the region.

Combining up-to-the-minute political and business intelligence from our source network with expert insight from our experienced in-house analysts, we have a track record of success, solving complex problems and enabling our clients to navigate the region’s challenging business environment with confidence.

To speak to our consultancy team regarding how The Caribbean Council can serve your business needs in the Caribbean, please contact