Coca-Cola to construct US$50mn plant in Costa Rica

According to company executive Roberto Mecadé, the plant will be located in the city of Liberia, and will produce and export Coca-Cola and a number of other soft drinks to Central America, the Caribbean, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, and potentially the EU. The new 34,000 square metre plant will replace an existing 18,000 square metre factory currently operating in the capital. The beverage production industry in Costa Rica will also expand due to a US$288mn investment over the next three years by Florida Ice & Farm (FIFCO), intended to increase food and beverage production. FIFCO is keen to focus on its beer production, for which it also opened a new  US$15mn plant on 6 March. In addition, General Director Ramón Mendiola announced that the company will begin the operation of a US$20mn bottling line in 2019. Mendiola said he expects the new plant will enable FIFCO to increase production by 40%.

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