CARICOM, the Caribbean, and Europe: Rethinking Trade, Assistance and Integration post the Brexit Referendum

Date: Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Time: 15.00


The Caribbean Council organised an informative webinar on what risks does Brexit pose for the Caribbean and what are the long-term impacts of Brexit on Caribbean trade and investment with the UK and Europe. The webinar took place on Wednesday 13 July at 15.00.

Following the unexpected results about UK leaving the European Union, this webinar gave you the opportunity to hear about the Brexit situation in CARICOM the Caribbean and Europe from our experts speakers as David Jessop, Consultant, The Caribbean Council; Marla Dukharan, Group Economist, Caribbean Banking, Royal Bank of Canada ; Inder Ruprah, Regional Economic Advisor for the Caribbean, Inter-American Development Bank, Sally Yearwood, Executive Director, Caribbean Central American Action, among others.

The specialists explained what Brexit means to you, we can highlight the main points discussed:

  • How can the region make Brexit an opportunity?
  • What are the consequences of the referendum?
  • What does Brexit mean for the non-Caricom Caribbean?
  • How will Brexit impact future trade negotiations?