Anguilla government to implement measures to mitigate impact of COVID-19

COVID-19, Week in Review 3-10 April

Premier Victor Banks has announced that his government will: implement temporary unemployment benefits for “qualified persons” whose jobs have been impacted by COVID-19; establish a list of sanitary goods and equipment as well as food items that will attract duty free concessions for three months; and publish a maximum price list to be placed in all retail outlets to prevent price gouging. Discussions are currently ongoing regarding an economic stimulus package. As of 9 April, three cases of coronavirus have been confirmed.

In order to keep our readers up to date with the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Caribbean, we have outlined some key developments for the week 3-10 April. This is a lead article from Caribbean Insight, The Caribbean Council’s flagship fortnightly publication. From The Bahamas to French Guiana, each edition consists of country-by-country analysis of the leading news stories of consequence, distilling business and political developments across the Caribbean into a single must-read publication.