Our Advisory Committee

The Caribbean Council’s Advisory Committee was established to bring together individuals with commercial and other interests in the Caribbean Basin to provide general advice to the company, its Board and its Management.

The Committee has four general objectives:

  • To help broaden the network of contacts that might support the Caribbean Council’s further development;
  • To provide advice on specific political, economic and commercial issues of relevance to the business as may be identified by the Board of the company from time to time;
  • To consider and make recommendations on general trends in the Caribbean, Europe and elsewhere that might affect the business; and
  • To enhance its members awareness of Caribbean related issues of relevance to their interests.

Recent themes discussed at Advisory Committee meetings include the development of China’s involvement in the Caribbean, the changing potential of the Caribbean and the change in economic opportunity in Cuba. Briefing papers on these subjects can be found in the ‘Reports’ section of the website.

Advisory Committee Members 2019-2020

President: The Rt. Hon. Lord Bruce of Bennachie

The Lord Triesman, Chairman, Cuba Initiative, & Group Director, Salamanca Group

Katja Afheldt, Head of Division, EEAS Americas 2, Central America, Mexico and Caribbean

Ambassador Dr Richard Bernal, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Global Affairs, University of the West Indies

Chris Boughton, Managing Director, Nectar Group Ltd

Martyn Bould, Chairman, Bould Consulting (Cayman Islands)

David Duncan, Senior External Relations Manager, British American Tobacco

Frank Comito, CEO, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association

Fernando Dominguez, Premium Cigar Director, Imperial Tobacco/ ALTADIS

Chris Duggan, VP Community Development, DART Enterprise (Cayman Islands)

Ruth Euling, Sales Director, De La Rue plc.

The Rt Hon Lord Foulkes of Cumnock, Honorary Past President, The Caribbean Council

Cameron Graham, President, Dart Development. (Cayman Islands)

Gema Hidalgo Castano, Imperial Tobacco (Tabacalera)

The Baroness Hooper CMG, President, Central American Business Council

The Rt. Hon. Lord John Hutton, former Chairman, Cuba Initiative

Earl Jarrett, General Manager, Jamaica National Building Society (Jamaica)

Ian Livingstone, Chairman, London and Regional Properties

Yesu Persaud, Executive Chairman, Demerara Distillers Ltd. & Chairman, Demerara Bank Ltd (Guyana)

Peter Phipps, Caribbean Regional Representative for Transportation, Mott MacDonald

Laurent Scheer, VP Public Affairs, Pernod Ricard UK

Stephen Carpenter, Senior Public Affairs Manager, Pernod Ricard UK

Fernando Ponz, Deputy Head of Division, EEAS Americas 2, Central America, Mexico and Caribbean

Sarah Read, Manager, Government and Consumer Affairs, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Paulette Simpson, Senior Manager for Corporate Affairs and Public Policy, JNBS

Nathan Stower, VP External Affairs and Sustainability, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Gerrie Ubink, Managing Director, Vertraco Shipping B.V (Netherlands)

Felipe Vicini, President, Inicia (Dominican Republic)

Dr Frank Ward, Chairman, West Indies Rum & Spirit Producers’ Association Inc.

The Rt. Hon. Brian Wilson, Chairman, Havana Energy

Emma Hennessey, Deputy Head of US, Canada and Caribbean Department, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

John Bowers, Founder, Bowers Consulting

Ex Officio Members

Chris Bennett, Managing Director, The Caribbean Council

Chris Docherty, Windward Commodities & Non-Executive Director of the Caribbean Council

David Jessop, Consultant, The Caribbean Council

David Suratgar, Chairman, BMCE Bank International plc. & Non-Executive Director of the Caribbean Council