The Caribbean Council produces reports on a range of themes. Most are confidential reports written to clients’ specific requirements but we also occasionally produces reports that we make available to the public. These include scoping reports on new markets for UK companies and briefing papers on key issues affecting the Caribbean and Central America which are used as a basis for discussion in our Advisory Committee meetings. A selection of these can be found below.

New Opportunities To Address Energy Security In The Caribbean

It is not a new observation that the Caribbean’s heavy dependence on imported fossil fuels contributes to the region’s high cost of doing business, increases its vulnerability to external sector shocks, and constrains economic growth and competitiveness across most Caribbean economies. Nonetheless, the increasing cost-competitiveness of a host of renewable energy technologies with fossil fuels stands to address this long…

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Industry Position Paper: Sugar Association of the Caribbean

Please click on the PDF attached to access the Industry Position Paper agreed at Regional Workshop on Sugar: The Caribbean Sugar Industry post-2017

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Caribbean Council and CPI study highlights major potential of waste-to-energy technology in the Caribbean

In January 2017, The Caribbean Council and the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) completed and published a Technical and Economic Feasibility Study on using Sargassum seaweed for Anaerobic Digestion- a low cost waste-to-energy process widely used in Europe and the US for organic material. Covering St Lucia and Grenada, the study was funded by the UK FCO Prosperity Fund and…

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Theresa May’s plan for ‘A Global Britain’ creates opportunities for Central America and the Caribbean

Theresa May delivered two long-awaited speeches this week in which she set out the Conservative government’s plans to take Britain out of the European Union single market and the European Customs Union. While governments in the Caribbean and Central America may have their sights trained on the White House during the week of Donald Trump’s inauguration, they should not overlook…

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Navigating the Trump Presidency in the Caribbean and Central America

How will the new US Administration under President Elect Donald Trump relate to the Caribbean and Central America? No-one really knows at present, and with many of the fundamental tenets of post-Cold war US foreign policy currently being re-opened for discussion it seems likely that the Caribbean and Central America will hardly be a focus of the next administration. Nevertheless,…

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The UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund

During a visit by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to Jamaica and Grenada at the end of September 2015, he announced a major new package of British investment for the Caribbean region totalling £360 million in new financial commitments as a demonstration that the UK is “serious about the need to strengthen the bonds between the UK and the…

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Russia and the Caribbean

Over the last five years Russian interest in the Caribbean has been growing steadily; so that today Moscow’s diplomatic profile and its economic presence in a number of Caribbean nations is now stronger than at any time since the end of the Cold War. It has also made clear that it again intends having a long term military presence in…

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Caribbean citizenship by investment schemes

A number of Caribbean countries offer citizenship for investment schemes whereby passports are provided for an investment in real estate or a donation with little or no requirement to reside in the country. St Kitts has the oldest scheme dating from 1984; Antigua, Dominica and Grenada also offer them; and other Caribbean islands have been considering them. Caribbean Governments facing…

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Venezuela: instability and the impact of potential changes to the PetroCaribe scheme on the Caribbean Basin

Across the Caribbean concern has been expressed about the implications of civil unrest in Venezuela and what this might mean for the long term future of the PetroCaribe arrangement, the concessionary agreement which underpins most Caribbean economies through the supply of oil at concessionary prices on deferred terms. This is because almost all Caribbean Basin nations have come to rely…

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UK Policy and the Caribbean

Since 2010 many Caribbean nations have fallen further into debt, many are in IMF programmes, and almost all are heavily dependent on costly imports of energy and food. The consequence has been low rates of growth (there are some exceptions), a failure to complete the Caribbean Single Market and Economy, a significant decline in governments’ ability to provide the social…

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